Top Game Modes of League of Legends

Top Game Modes of League of Legends

In this blog post, we will explain a few different game modes in league of legends.
March 03, 2023


Known as an intense and fun game, League of Legends requires time and dedication. Since inception, it has achieved a massive player base. In 2017, it was estimated that LOL has 80 million active users and counting.

With such a large pool of players, a single game mode is boring. So, Riot has been adding a variety of game modes for different users. Compared to the default game mode of Summoners Rift, Riot’s own versions are fast-paced and have engaging interactions.

The best-featured game modes are listed below:

·         All Random Rapid Fire & Ultra-Rapid Fire

One of the most intense games to play in League of Legends is the ALLURF or URF. Since its introduction to users, it has been a fan favorite. What many users love about it is that Summoners can begin with 80% cooldown reduction. This consists of cooldowns on Summoners spell and active items. As a player, never take the risk to use mana.  This means you can spam champion abilities and get the most out of it.

·         The Legend of Poro King

Are you on the lookout for an extremely fun game mode to play? Don’t look further than the Legend of Poro King. There are two sides of 5 players that mainly defeat each other by attacking Nexus. What makes this different from ALLURF or URF is its ability to summon Poro King. If you have been playing this game mode, you know that it replaces summoner spells with unique features. One of the most popular choices is the Pro Toss. As a player, you just have to throw a Poro in a linear pattern. Once it collides with a champion, it marks the latter for a few seconds.

·         Hunt of the Blue Moon

Everyone dreams to be a good fighter and the long wait is over! You can make it happen in this game mode. The Hunt of the Blue Moon is a dream for those who want to be assassins. It comes with the fast-paced bloodfest style game mode that best suits to those who prefer skirmishes.

The champions available for this game mode are Zed, Yasuo, Shaco, Talon, Rengar, Kennen, Kassadin, Evelyn, Elise, Diana, Camille, Ahri, and many more. Remember that your main objective is to accumulate 350 points.

There you have it! League of Legends will always surprise you with an intense and fun game mode. Challenge your buddies to have more FUN!