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T1 Defeats LNG in Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals

T1 Defeats LNG in Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals

A swift and strategic 3-0 sweep by T1 over LNG Esports propels them into the League of Legends World Championship semifinals.
November 05, 2023

T1 Defeats LNG in Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals

In the 2023 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals, T1 emerged victorious against LNG Esports marking a significant triumph that led them to the semifinals. Here’s a detailed narrative of the high-stakes clash:

Pre-Match Anticipation:

The battle between T1 and LNG Esports was a much-anticipated matchup, as T1—revered as a name synonymous with World Championships—faced off against LNG Esports. Both teams had commendable players, but the spotlight was on the confrontation between two Worlds-winning mid laners who once again met on the international stage. T1 was coming off a dominant series win against BLG, which solidified their spot in the quarterfinals, exemplifying their readiness and form entering the match against LNG​1​.

Match Overview:

The competition unfolded on November 5, 2023, as part of the Worlds 2023 Playoffs, encapsulating a Best of 5 series. This was the first time LNG Esports and T1 were pitted against each other in this tournament setting, marking a new chapter in the teams’ competitive narrative​2​.

Dominant Performance by T1:

T1 displayed an outstanding performance by sweeping LNG Esports in a 3-0 victory. The matches were relatively short, with T1 recording wins in 27, 32, and 26 minutes respectively, all on the red side. This emphatic victory was not just a passage to the semifinals for T1 but also a demonstration of their formidable gameplay and strategy execution, which overwhelmed LNG Esports​3​.

Reactions and Aftermath:

The Busan arena roared with excitement as T1 clinched a resounding victory, making LNG the first LPL team to be eliminated from the competition. The triumph reignited hopes for the LCK region at the Worlds 2023. Moreover, the decisive win set up T1 for a semifinal clash against JD Gaming on November 12, following JD Gaming's 3-1 victory over KT Rolster​4​​3​.


T1’s commanding victory over LNG Esports not only showcased their prowess but also heightened the competition as they advanced to face JD Gaming in the semifinals. The T1 vs LNG matchup will be remembered for T1's dominance and the excitement it generated among the fans, contributing to the ongoing narrative of regional rivalry and competition in the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. 

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