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Kings of the One for All Game Mode in League of Legends

Kings of the One for All Game Mode in League of Legends

Discover the top five heroes dominating the One for All game mode in League of Legends, ensuring victory with their impressive win rates.
April 08, 2024


Introducing the heroes you definitely won't be disappointed in!

Riot's golden child, League of Legends, is unfortunately not famous for its variety of game modes. Players usually have to choose between the standard blind/ranked/draft modes played in Summoner's Rift and ARAM. Due to the limited selection, the game can easily become monotonous. To address this issue, Riot introduced limited-time game modes during events, such as Nexus Blitz, Arena, URF (Ultimate Rapid Fire), Ultimate Spellbook, and One for All. Not every mode offers a completely unique gameplay experience, but they provide enough variety to break the monotony of consecutive losses and wins.

With the new Duelist Hero event, one of the oldest game modes, One for All, returns. Its name is quite revealing, as its main feature is that all players on a team play with the same hero. Due to the special conditions, both chaos and fun are guaranteed. However, if you're aiming for victory in addition to entertainment, you should consider choosing one of these five heroes. Each has achieved a win rate of over 70% according to U.GG statistics in Patch 14.6, earning them the title of kings of One for All.


The current queen of the game mode boasts a surprisingly high win rate of 73.4%. Given some time, she can become an unstoppable force that quickly grinds down her opponents.


The second-place hero with a 71.8% win rate is none other than the mouth of the abyss, Kog'Maw. This hero can be built in various ways, either as AP or DPS, but perhaps most importantly, he can easily eliminate both the back line and front line if necessary.


The Zaunite madman, true to his name, can easily charge through his enemies, and judging by his 70.6% win rate, there's not much they can do about it. It's already challenging to take down such a buffed hero due to his healing ability and long health bar, and it takes a lot of damage and distance to handle five of them.


With a 70.1% win rate, the versatilely buildable iron revenant is fourth on the list. His strength lies in his tank nature and isolating abilities. He can easily pull his opponents to him before locking one in the Realm of Death, from which there is no return.


The swiftly bounding jungler is difficult to catch or stop before she permanently puts her opponents to sleep. As her 70% win rate shows, it's hard to find a worthy opponent for the shy fae fawn.

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