How to Get a League of Legends Account Unbanned

How to Get a League of Legends Account Unbanned

Riot protects League of Legends' large online community against troublemakers. Sometimes players are permanently banned. Permabans are hard to lift.
March 11, 2023

How to Get a League of Legends Account Unbanned

League of Legends boasts an expansive online gaming community and Riot does their best to protect it from disruptive players.

However, sometimes players can be permanently banned. This is known as a permaban and it can be very difficult to unban.

In order to prevent being permanently banned, it's essential that your behavior remains as polite as possible.

Mistaken identity

If your LoL account has been accidentally locked or banned, it's not impossible to get unbanned. Unfortunately, Riot rarely reverses an inappropriate punishment; the only way to do so is by submitting a ban appeal.

Before submitting a ban appeal, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, always remain polite and respectful when speaking with Riot Support. Furthermore, avoid making false reports or being toxic towards other players.

Once you submit your appeal, make sure it is comprehensive and well-thought out. Be honest about the reasons for your ban and express sincere regret for any mistakes made.

When submitting a ban appeal to Riot, they'll require several pieces of information about your account. They need to know your username, email address and an explanation as to why you wish for a review of your ban.

You will also need to answer a series of questions regarding your payment methods, which are the specific digits and transaction IDs used for purchasing games. This helps verify that you own the account and have not compromised or hacked it in any way.

If you can't answer these questions, Riot likely won't take into account your appeal and likely keeps the ban in place. However, if you really want your account back, don't give up hope yet - keep trying!

Once you submit your ban appeal to Riot, they will review it and provide a response. Generally, Riot will respond within a few days if they approve of your request.

Once you have this information, you can use it to recover your account and play League of Legends again. Just be mindful not to repeat the mistakes that got you banned originally - doing so could potentially result in permanent bans for good.

Many websites claim they can get your League of Legends account unbanned, but there is no "secret way" or "man inside" that can help. The only way to get your LoL account unbanned is by reaching out directly to Riot Support and submitting a ban appeal.

Toxic behavior

Riot often locks or bans your LoL account due to toxic behavior. There are a few steps you can take in order to try and get your account unbanned, though these may not always be successful.

One of the most popular methods to get a permabanned LoL account unbanned is by proving your innocence. This process is relatively straightforward, and Riot Support will be more than willing to assist with recovering your account. Just be sure you submit your ticket with ample evidence in support of your case - a hasty response won't do any good.

Another way to try and get your account unbanned is by sending Riot Games a letter of apology. This letter should detail the situation that led to your ban and include an assurance from you that you will become more responsible and stop engaging in harmful behaviors.

Additionally, include any chat logs that might indicate your toxicity. Doing this will help Riot support understand what caused the ban and how they can restore it.

Toxic people can be difficult to recognize, so it's always wise to learn the warning signs before spending more time around them. Once you know what signs to watch out for, it will be much easier to spot a toxic person before they have an opportunity to manipulate you or make you feel bad about yourself.

Self-centered - Toxic individuals tend to be self-centered, and don't think much about how their actions impact others. This can manifest in various ways, such as constantly criticizing others or refusing to acknowledge the viewpoints of those around them.

Need for Acceptance - Toxic people often struggle with accepting that their behavior has caused others pain or wronged them in some way, which can lead to severe loneliness and isolation. This behavior should never be encouraged nor tolerated!

Liars - Toxic individuals tend to be incredibly trusting and may lie without feeling guilty. This behavior is unhealthy and could lead to other issues like identity theft or stalking.


League of Legends players sometimes engage in boosting to gain more kills and boost their rank. This practice has become highly discouraged by the community and was eventually banned by Activision.

Boosting is when players pay another player to play on their account or in a duo and boost their ranking. This practice violates Riot Games' terms of service and could result in the termination of your account.

If your account has been banned for boosting, there may be a chance to get it unbanned. Simply send some polite messages to Riot support and follow their instructions closely - hopefully soon enough you'll have your account unbanned!

Once your account has been banned, it is vital that you don't make the same mistake that caused it to be suspended in the past. Doing so may give Riot the impression that you are truly trying to change your behavior and increase their likelihood of unbanning your account in the future.

When appealing your ban, be sure to include details regarding why the ban has been granted and how you plan to address the situation. Doing this will make your appeal stronger and more persuasive.

Show Riot Games your improved behavior since being banned. For instance, try to avoid fighting other players in chat or using emotes; this will help heal your reputation and prevent future bans.

If your account has a permanent ban, Riot may require some time to consider unbanning it. They will review your account history and decide if any behavior has changed since the ban was issued.


Disruptive members of the League of Legends community can be a real nuisance and Riot has an effective system in place to handle this issue. These players may receive either a ban, restriction, or even be prevented from playing altogether.

Though this is an effective way to protect the game from bad behavior, it's essential to remember that bans cannot always be overturned. Indeed, recovering a LoL account that has been permanently banned can prove quite challenging.

To successfully get a LoL account unbanned, it is best to be truthful about the reasons for the ban. Not only will this make you appear more credible to RIOT support staff, but it also shows them that you have been wronged and regret any actions taken.

Sometimes RIOT support may take a while to respond to your appeal, but they usually do so quickly. This is because they strive hard to ensure League of Legends remains an enjoyable environment for all players and they don't want any negative incidents occurring.

If your account has been suspended for something such as hacking or botting, then changing your IP address could be a wise idea. While this won't always work, it can create the impression that you haven't used your account in some time.

Once you have changed your IP to a different one, it is imperative to notify Riot immediately. Doing this helps the team track down any players who might be breaking the rules and they can address these matters more promptly.

A permanent ban is the most frequent type of ban in League of Legends. This usually results from disrupting the game or abusing summoner codes or terms of use.

Riot will never take a hasty stance when dealing with a player's ban, but they may be more inclined to overturn a permanent ban if they believe it was placed incorrectly in the first place. However, they won't be lenient towards repeat offenses or excessive abuse of summoner code and terms of use.

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