Discover the Popular Custom League of Legends Skins

Discover the Popular Custom League of Legends Skins

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March 03, 2023

Discover the Popular Custom League of Legends Skin

Are you an enthusiastic League of Legends player? Then, you might find it hard to choose which among the various skins can suit your game plan at some point.

In fact, new skins are continuously added to League of Legends. From outstanding Star Guardian collection up to cool Pentakill rockers, it will be hard for you to settle. Although the LoL skins can look amazing in the game, in some other point, some of them can be expensive.

Good thing, there are already many custom League of Legends skins available to be downloaded. These skins offer free download and installation where you do not have to spend a couple of dollars to ensure a fantastic gaming experience.

But, how do League of Legends skins work?

Although other players except yourself cannot see custom skins, at least you do not need to pay cash. Thus, these skins are totally unique, and you cannot find them in the Riot.

There are two types of skin namely the champion skins and the map skins. Champion skins refer to the custom-made skins intended for individual champions while the map skins are known to add a new color to the outdated rift of the summoner.


Take a look with the top custom champion skins!

Lolipop Darius

Darius offers a bright, new outfit and although it is not complex compared to other, its looks can be deceiving. When you are ready to use ult, the giant lollipop will appear above the potential targets’ head.

Order of the Lotus Katarina

This custom champion skin offers a stunning and the ornate daggers are creative. There are a couple of lotuses being added to the animation while the lotus on the purple hair is eye-catching.

Dark Star Brand

This custom skin offers a perfect mix of Syndra and Aurelion Sol. It has the dark balls which can be thrown around and then, cause extreme damage to the enemies.

King Varian Wrynn Garen

Through Varian and Garen, you can successfully draw different parallels. It has exceptional detail and amazing animations.


When you are interested with custom LoL map skin, you can consider Frozen Rift

Frozen Rift

Through Frozen Rift, you can experience a snowy feel. Also, the in-game music and interface display can match your theme.