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What is a Champion account?

Our Champion accounts are leveled by real people, without the use of any 3rd party programs or bots. They have been leveled in normals, ARAMs and Co-op games, and have average normal MMR.



Champion accounts mostly have champions purchased rather than BE to spend. However, choosing your account allows you to select one based on your needs, whether more champions, skins, or extra BE!


Full email access

Most of the accounts on Handleveled are unverified. Some are bound to our emails; however, changing the email is effortless, and we'll guide you through the process.


Level 30 or more

All accounts are at least level 30, and some are even higher! Please note: You need 20 champions to start playing ranked (watch out with 0-19 champion accounts)!

Level 30

What is a General account?

General accounts are Hand-Leveled accounts are leveled by our Professional Levelers, without the use of any 3rd party programs or bots. They can have Lots of RP, High Normal MMR, or no normal MMR at all - the choice is yours!


High Normal MMR

The higher the normal MMR, the higher you can start your ranked climb!
Please be aware that the Possible Starting ELO values are estimates, and your result might be one division higher or lower!

Normal MMR Possible Start ELO
Average Bronze - Silver IV
1800+ Silver III - 0 LP
2000+ Silver II - 50 LP
2100+ Silver I - 0 LP
2200+ Silver I - 50 LP
2300+ Gold IV - 0 LP
2400+ Gold IV - 50 LP
2500+ Gold III - 0 LP
2600+ Gold III - 50 LP
2700+ Gold II - 0 LP

Possible Start ELO may vary +/- 1 division

No Normal MMR (ARAM only)

Accounts leveled only in ARAM games have no normal MMR, which means you can get any normal MMR you want if you play normal games before you play any ranked one! Note that once you play a single ranked game, you cannot use this method anymore.

ARAM only

RP and Blue Essence

General accounts contain all the BE and loot collected throughout the leveling process. Some of them also have RP, which you can spend on anything in-game: Skins, Champions, Emotes, Loot boxes and much more!

RP + Blue Essence

Recovery Details Included

All necessary recovery details are included with General accounts. They are either unverified, or verified with the creator email which you receive with the account login credentials.


Level 30 Unranked

General accounts are all at least level 30, and have zero Ranked games played. They only have the tutorial champions, so make sure to buy at least 20 before queueing up for ranked!

Level 30

What is a Blue Essence account?

Blue-Essence accounts contain a given amount of BE, and/or unopened capsules. These are the only accounts on our website, which are NOT HAND-LEVELED, but are leveled with our private software.

Blue Essence

Blue Essence and/or champions

Blue-Essence accounts contain all the BE and loot collected throughout the leveling process, so you can easily buy your champions to get a head start. The only champions owned are from the tutorial games.

Blue-Essence + Capsules


All of the Blue Essence accounts are unverified, so you need to verify it with your own email address after purchase.


Level 30

Blue Essence accounts are all level 30 and have no ranked games played. In order to start playing ranked games, you need to purchase at least 20 champions.

Level 30

What is a Custom account?

Our Custom Hand-Leveled accounts are leveled by real people, without the use of any 3rd party programs or bots. Our committed levelers will go above and beyond to ensure a swift delivery of the account to you within the specified timeframe.


Any Level

Customize your account's level range to fit your preferences. Choose any start and end levels, from 1 to 30 or beyond. Enjoy the flexibility of starting fresh or diving into higher-level gameplay.



Customize your Hand-Leveled account to your preferences. Select your game mode, your preferred champions and even the flash position. Tailor your account, enjoy personalized gameplay.



Account leveling is conducted with utmost integrity. Your RP, Blue Essence, and capsules remain untouched throughout the process, preserving the excitement of opening them yourself.

Level 30

You can either purchase a random account, or select one from our stock. To view all available accounts, please visit our accounts page!

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