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Patch 13.12 Overview

Patch 13.12 Overview

Discover the latest balance changes in League of Legends, shaking up the game with strategic alterations to items, runes, and systems for a more competitive and diverse battlefield.
June 18, 2023

Patch 13.12 Overview

Riot Games presents patch 13.12, a midseason follow-up packed with a range of changes. This patch focuses on two key areas - refining midseason tuning and addressing certain champions that have been overperforming in Pro play, including Lulu, Yuumi, Kha'Zix, and Zeri. Besides these, the patch introduces the new Mythic skinline, Crystalis Motus, a fresh Mythic shop rotation, new Shan Hai Scrolls skins, and a host of ARAM adjustments.

As we approach the end of Split 1 with this second to last patch, Riot encourages players to engage in games before their ranks are finalized and captured for rewards on July 17. For detailed information about the ranked reset and upcoming changes in Split 2, refer to our last post here.

On the TFT front, a Convergence storm has led to the creation of a new TFT set named 'Runeterra Reforged.' More details about this are available in the TFT patch notes.

Mid-Patch Updates

6/14/2023 - Echoes of Helia and Ivern

  • IVERN W Bugfix: The issue causing Ivern’s W on-hit damage to occur only half of the time has been fixed.
  • ECHOES OF HELIA: The interaction between Echoes of Helia and Font of Life has been removed. From now on, Font of Life will not trigger Echoes of Helia. In addition, a bug that activated Echoes of Helia when no enemies were near, healing allies without consuming any stacks, has been fixed.

Champion Updates

The patch brings numerous modifications to different champions, aiming at a better-balanced and exciting gameplay. These include but are not limited to:


Ashe's Passive bonus damage, W damage, and R damage have been increased to make her more viable as a marksman and to boost her support playstyle. This update is in response to Ashe's weak spot following the midseason update.


The recharge rate of Gangplank's E has been decreased to make him more powerful and enjoyable to play, considering his struggle to find success in the current game setup.


To make Gragas more manageable, his Passive cooldown has been increased while the Q mana cost has been decreased. This is because of his high presence in Pro play due to his low counterplay trades and his ability to use his passive for lane sustenance.


Despite being weak in average player hands, K'Sante has been popular and powerful in skilled play. Consequently, his E cooldown has been increased to bring him to a more balanced state at higher levels of play.


Kai'Sa's AD growth has been increased to adjust her evolution thresholds better with the new builds introduced in midseason. The goal is to improve her Q evolution feel.


Currently at the top of the food chain in many aspects, Kha'Zix's Base AD has been decreased to reduce his power and frustration in games, especially at higher skill brackets.


With Kog'Maw finding success with a new Mythic item, his W base damage has been decreased to balance his main damage ability without punishing updates to his other spells.


Lucian's Passive damage has been decreased, and activation conditions adjusted to enhance his viability with different Champs and not just enchanters. The aim is to help Lucian players lock in their Champion with or without enchanters, introducing exciting new lane partners for Lucian in Pro play.


Lulu has been a mainstay in Pro play for a while, but isn't overpowered for most players in other skill brackets. In order to make the nerf pro-skewed while retaining her current power level for other players, her base armor and passive magic damage have been decreased. However, her E shield value has been increased.


Milio, a defensive fire enchanter, has been providing strong offensive and defensive tools, making him a formidable support in Pro play. To balance his abilities, his base armor, armor growth, and passive empowered attack damage have been decreased.


Nasus has not been performing well in solo queue, and to improve his performance, his passive life steal has been increased. Moreover, the cooldown on his ultimate has been decreased in later stages of the game, to improve his durability and range in teamfights.


Orianna, being slightly weak at the moment, has had her R damage increased. This should make her a more satisfying and stronger pick, especially with her Ult as the most explosive part of her kit.


Rell has been performing strongly as both a support and a jungler. However, her Q is somewhat slow. To rectify this and balance her overall power, her Q cast time has been decreased but its damage decreased. The damage of her W and E abilities has also been decreased, and a damage cap has been added for monsters.


To make Rumble a more viable pick in top lane, his early roam threat has been decreased, and late-game scaling has been improved. Changes to his heat structure make the Danger Zone more forgiving and heat costs more intuitive, lessening Overheat's punishment. His base health and health regeneration have been decreased, but health growth has increased.


Ryze, currently one of the weakest mid laners, has had his passive and E ratio increased to improve his scaling. His E missile speed has also been increased to help in close-up fights.


Some previous AD ratio buffs to Sivir's Ricochet have been reverted as she has room for more power to be added to her kit. Her attack damage growth has been decreased, but her W bounce damage has been increased.


Yuumi has been overperforming across all skill brackets, including Pro. Her general power levels have been dropped to maintain her playability for non-Pro players. Her E bonus attack speed and R heal per hit have been decreased.


Zeri's itemization like a bruiser and synergies with shielding enchanters have been addressed in this patch. Her Q's synergy with Sheen has been removed, and her shield sapping passive has also been removed. Her base movement speed has been increased, and her E critical strike multiplier has been increased.


Ardent Censer

 The Ardent Censer is causing increased damage to marksmen, resulting in limitations on support diversity. It is currently the most commonly used enchanter legendary. Adjustments are being made to bring it on par with Redemption, Mikael's, and other similar items. 

  • Sanctify On-Hit Damage: Reduced from 15-30 (level-based) to 15.


 The Bloodthirster has become an essential item for ADCs who can deal high damage from a safe position. To align with its critical role, the cost is being raised as the item was found to be overpowered. 

  • Total Cost: Increased from 3200 to 3400.


 Galeforce has been overperforming particularly on marksmen, Yasuo, and Yone. Adjustments have been made to replace the critical strike ratio with an AD one, aiming to maintain its utility for all users. 

  • Attack Damage: Reduced from 55 to 50.
  • Cloudburst Active Damage: Changed from 150-350 (Levels 8-18) (+200% Critical Strike Chance) to 150-350 (Level 8-18) (+45% bonus AD).

Immortal Shieldbow

 Immortal Shieldbow hasn't been a popular first item pick among players and isn't proving useful when purchased later either. A slight buff is being introduced that will benefit crit users in mid game. 

  • Life Steal: Increased from 7% to 10%.

Imperial Mandate

 Imperial Mandate has become a go-to second item for enchanters. However, its overpowering nature has been contributing to a burstier state of the game, calling for a slight nerf, especially concerning its burst output. 

  • Coordinated Fire Application: Adjusted from 35-75 (Level 1-18) to 40-60 (Level 8-18).
  • Coordinated Fire Proc: Adjusted from 70-150 (Level 1-18) to 80-120 (Level 8-18).
  • Coordinated Fire Movement Speed Bonus: Increased from 20% to 25%.

Moonstone Renewer

 Moonstone is underperforming except for Soraka. The changes aim to boost the value of heals and shield, giving shields more leeway due to less disruption. 

  • Heal: Changed from 20-40% (based on ally's level 1-18) to 35%.
  • Shield: Changed from 30-40% (based on ally's level 1-18) to 40%.
  • Same Target Heal Bonus: Changed from 15-30% (based on ally's level 1-18) to 25%.
  • Same Target Shield Bonus: Changed from 20-30% (based on ally's level 1-18) to 30%.
  • Mythic Passive: Changed from 5 Ability Haste to 5 Heal and Shield Power.

Phantom Dancer

 Phantom Dancer has been underperforming compared to similar mid-range crit items and is therefore receiving a small buff. 

  • Attack Speed: Increased from 30% to 35%.

Rapid Firecannon

 The Energize damage of Rapid Firecannon doesn't need to be as high as it was before, due to its stat profile favoring attack damage over attack speed and the item's AD scaling with critical strike chance. 

  • Energize Damage: Reduced from 60-140 (level-based) to 60.

Statikk Shiv

 Statikk Shiv is being modified to provide better wave clear without obliterating caster minions. Its early game damage has been increased to match minion health bars more closely. 

  • Energize Damage: Adjusted from 80-190 (Level 7-18) to 100-180 (Level 6-18).



 Overheal was initially designed to give ADC players the choice of more durability, but has been mostly favored by pros. Adjustments have been made to cater more to self-sustaining fighters and tanks while lessening its effectiveness for marksmen. 

  • Shield Value: Changed from 20-300 (level-based) to 11% of Maximum Health.


Mid Lane Gold

 Mid lane minion gold was previously nerfed to reduce early-game mid lane agency. This affected mages negatively, prompting a rebalancing of the gold value of mid lane minions. 

  • MONEY: Mid Lane minions are now worth the same amount of gold as minions in other lanes.

Red Buff

 Red buff has been dominating since Buff Sharing was introduced, prompting a need to lower its power levels by reducing late game damage output while maintaining its slow and regeneration properties. 

  • Damage: Adjusted from 6+6*Level (12-114) to 6+4*Level (10-78).
  • Slow Amount: Adjusted from 10/15/25 to 10/15/20 (halved for ranged champions).
  • Health Regeneration: Adjusted from 1/3/9% to 1/3/5%.

ARAM Adjustments


  • Anivia: Damage Dealt increased from 100% to 105%.
  • Jax: Damage Dealt increased from 100% to 105%.
  • Twitch: Damage Taken reduced from 100% to 95%.
  • Warwick: Healing Done increased from 100% to 105%.


  • Akali: Damage Taken increased from 85% to 90%.
  • Cho'Gath: Damage Taken increased from 100% to 105%.
  • Ivern: Shield Strength decreased from 100% to 80%; Damage Dealt decreased from 95% to 90%.
  • Malzahar: Damage Dealt decreased from 92% to 90%; Damage Taken increased from 108% to 110%.
  • Vex: Damage Dealt decreased from 100% to 95%.


 In an effort to maintain a balanced playing field, numerous changes have been made across items, runes, and systems in League of Legends. The changes aim to address overpowering or underperforming aspects, contributing to a healthier game environment. Notable changes include adjustments to popular items such as Ardent Censer, Bloodthirster, and Galeforce, and runes like Overheal. System-wide changes have been implemented as well, with modifications to mid-lane gold and the red buff. Lastly, ARAM has seen a host of buffs and nerfs to maintain the balance among champions. 


 With these changes, players can anticipate a more diverse and competitive gaming experience in League of Legends. While some items have been nerfed and others buffed, the ultimate aim is to provide a balanced battlefield for all champions. It is hoped that these alterations will enhance the strategic aspects of the game, offering players more choices in their gameplay and encouraging a variety of strategies. As always, player feedback is invaluable in maintaining this balance and is highly encouraged.